How to edit an editorial plan for your Social Networks What an editorial plan is and how it works

A good marketing begins with a good editorial plan.

Let’s think about the lesson plan during your school period. Or to a travel tour.
You have a plan in which you know for each day which activities you’ll have and at what time.
The editorial plan is something similar, but it’s for your business.

You just have to put together the right actions for a good marketing strategy.
Like a guide-line with the right procedures and activities in order to reach your target on the correct day and time.

First of all, you’ll need to take an analysis of your data and customers. You’ll have to study your competitors and which are the type of contents that your target likes most.

This will help you to attract more visits to your web-site and social networks, as your customers will know exactly where and when to find you and about which topic.


Let’s make an example. You are a food company, and you plan to publish a post with a very simple recipe on Monday before lunch time. You know that during the week people have not so much time to cook, so you just give them some advices for a quick dinner. On Friday morning, instead, you can post a more elaborate recipe for the week-end and for a dinner with friends.
During December, you can write some recipes for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.
You can decide that every Thursday you’ll share a post related to food of different Countries or regions. Another day you can share information about all those things related to food: which are the best tools you have to buy for cooking, how to prepare your table, and so on.

In this way, your follower will know in advance when to read you and about what.

It’s like when you switch your TV on, and you already know on which channel and at what time you’ll find your favorite programs.

The editorial plan is then the basis of your marketing strategy.
Without it, you’ll post random, without a sense, and you’ll not attract your followers.

You have to give to your target what they need, when they need it.

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