How to take a perfect marketing for your company Being on the net is not enough. You also need a marketing strategy

Everyone is always connected and lives in a fast world. To be always a strong company on your market, you necessary need someone to manage your marketing and communication channels. A good strategy requires 3 main things: Goals Time Budget GOALS. Before to take any decision, you have to fix your goals on monthly [...]

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Are you a company? Then open your social profile… ... and manage it in the best way

Yes, I know, you still have some doubts. You think that Facebook and other Social Networks are something for teenagers. You're not sure that they can be necessary for a company. Ok, maybe you have created your company page, but just asked to your son's friend to take care about it. You don't have [...]

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How to edit an editorial plan for your Social Networks What an editorial plan is and how it works

A good marketing begins with a good editorial plan. Let’s think about the lesson plan during your school period. Or to a travel tour. You have a plan in which you know for each day which activities you’ll have and at what time. The editorial plan is something similar, but it’s for your business. [...]

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