Are you a company? Then open your social profile… ... and manage it in the best way

Yes, I know, you still have some doubts. You think that Facebook and other Social Networks are something for teenagers.
You’re not sure that they can be necessary for a company. Ok, maybe you have created your company page, but just asked to your son’s friend to take care about it.

You don’t have to think that, as you don’t know very well this instrument, then you won’t need it. Just because you have never used it before and you’re still alive. This is not how a manager think. Every company always need to improve, to grow, to be udated.

Well, social networks were born like a hobby for young people, but in a short time everyone could understand the big potential of this quite simple instrument. Big companies are almost present with their own profile.
Do you know why? Because on social-networks you can find the world. Almost everyone has a profile on at least one Social-Network, and every day there are new profiles. Your target is there. Both if your company is a B2C or a B2B one, as companies are made by people.

Mappa diffusione Social-Networks nel mondo

Social Networks give youu the opportunity to have a sort of shop-window, to let people see your brand, your team, your products. To give information about your product and your activity. To do direct customer-support.
Moreover: you can study your target. What they like, what they do, what they want. What they would like to have but still have not.
You can plan direct advertising to your defined target, saving a lot of money and with best results.

Do you really want to let all these things managed by a friend or when you have some minutes free from other jobs?
Your company’s image, what you are, what you offer, what you trust. Everything goes through these channels.
And can reach almost the whole world. Ask someone expert to really take care about it.

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