Personal Branding. What is it? How does it work? Bet on you to have success

Probably you have heard about Personal Branding. But… do you know what it is?
Yesterday I had a phone call with a potential customer: “Hello, I would like to open a Facebook page for my company, and I’ve seen that you offer personal branding services”. Ok, these two things are not so connected.

Let’s distinguish:
Branding = product
Personal Branding = person

When you study a brand, a product, the value you want it to connect, the colors, … we’re talking about branding.

Personal Branding is quite similar as process, but it is related to persons: who am I, what I’m good in, …
Think about your current job: some of your colleaugues are manager because they really are the best ones?
I don’t think so. So, why are they manager? (and not you?)

Thanks to Personal Branding I can help you standing out your strong points and let others look at you as you would like to and as you really are. How you dress, how you move, how you talk, … everything says something about you.

And you will also feel more secure of you.
You’ll be able to distinguish you and to let your capabilities standing out.

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