How to take a perfect marketing for your company Being on the net is not enough. You also need a marketing strategy

Everyone is always connected and lives in a fast world. To be always a strong company on your market, you necessary need someone to manage your marketing and communication channels.

A good strategy requires 3 main things:

  • Goals
  • Time
  • Budget

GOALS. Before to take any decision, you have to fix your goals on monthly basis (semestral and annual, too).
“Which is the main point you want to reach with your marketing strategy?”
Examples: brand awareness, brand reputation, better customer-service, grow-up your network grow up your sale, …

TIME. Every marketing strategy requires time to give its results. This is a long job to be taken constantly, analyzing all the data.
Where is your target? Which are his needs? How does he want to find the solution to his problems?
The most we know our target, the best we can give him.
BUDGET. Everything needs a budget to be done. How much is my budget for monthly ADS campaigns? And for human resources?
Luckly, web marketing has a lower price than traditional one, and it’s also more efficient!

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