How to become a copywriter Copywriter a bit you born, a bit you become

Once upon a time there was a child who loved writing, and today there is a copywriter.

Being a copywriter is something you have in your DNA.
It is an inclination you have as default, as per a singer or a painter.
You can learn how to sing or how to paint… you can also become quite good. But, only if you already have a natural predisposition you can really do good and high quality things.

At that time, I didn’t know the meaning of copywriter. Well, at that time this job even did not exist. But one thing I knew: I wanted to write. When I was 8 years old, I asked for a type-machine as Christmas present. I’ve loved it so much!

I’ve used it to type books, novels, diaries, … sometimes I was used to play to be a journalist, or to create tales for my little sister.
At school, I was one of the best ones in theme-writing.

I’ve grown up reading books. I’ve graduated in Science of Communication, I’ve taken part at writing workshops, I’ve created a personal blog.
Because inclination isn’t enough; you also need to study.
And, at the end, I’ve decided to follow my dream: make writing my job.

One day, one of my teachers told us that we have to follow our vocation. This is a must, as we have to be happy and to give good quality things to the world. Let’s think about Fleming, Manzoni, Canova, but also Celine Dion or Valentino Rossi… if they decided not to follow their calling.
We all have to follow our vocation in order to touch people, to give something marvelous to the world and, of course, to be happy.

So, think about your calling, and just do it!

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