How to take a perfect marketing for your company Being on the net is not enough. You also need a marketing strategy

Everyone is always connected and lives in a fast world. To be always a strong company on your market, you necessary need someone to manage your marketing and communication channels. A good strategy requires 3 main things: Goals Time Budget GOALS. Before to take any decision, you have to fix your goals on monthly [...]

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Personal Branding. What is it? How does it work? Bet on you to have success

Probably you have heard about Personal Branding. But... do you know what it is? Yesterday I had a phone call with a potential customer: "Hello, I would like to open a Facebook page for my company, and I've seen that you offer personal branding services". Ok, these two things are not so connected. Let's [...]

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Are you a company? Then open your social profile… ... and manage it in the best way

Yes, I know, you still have some doubts. You think that Facebook and other Social Networks are something for teenagers. You're not sure that they can be necessary for a company. Ok, maybe you have created your company page, but just asked to your son's friend to take care about it. You don't have [...]

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How to edit an editorial plan for your Social Networks What an editorial plan is and how it works

A good marketing begins with a good editorial plan. Let’s think about the lesson plan during your school period. Or to a travel tour. You have a plan in which you know for each day which activities you’ll have and at what time. The editorial plan is something similar, but it’s for your business. [...]

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5 advices to have a good LinkedIN profile How to have an attractive LinkedIN page

Social Networks are integral part of our common life, also for job. The main and most important professional social is surely LinkedIN. On LinkedIN you can find many companies that have a dedicated profile on which they say who they are and who they are looking for. Some time ago, you couldn’t know anything [...]

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BLOGGING. 5 advices on how to start blogging The rules to follow to create your personal blog

Would you like to open a blog but you don't know how to start? Common errors are easy to do, but avoid them is also quite simple. You just have to follow some basic rules. Advice nr. 1. The Topic of the Blog. First of all, you’ll need to choose the topic of your [...]

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How to become a copywriter Copywriter a bit you born, a bit you become

Once upon a time there was a child who loved writing, and today there is a copywriter. Being a copywriter is something you have in your DNA. It is an inclination you have as default, as per a singer or a painter. You can learn how to sing or how to paint… you can [...]

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How to write a good text 5 advices to be followed to write a good text

Writing on the net or on the paper is very different. There are different rules to be followed, but both have some same norms to be respected. 1. Know the subject you're writing of. Knowing the topic is surely an advantage. You can write more easily and you can understand what it's more important [...]

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