BLOGGING. 5 advices on how to start blogging The rules to follow to create your personal blog

Would you like to open a blog but you don’t know how to start?
Common errors are easy to do, but avoid them is also quite simple. You just have to follow some basic rules.

Advice nr. 1. The Topic of the Blog.

First of all, you’ll need to choose the topic of your blog.
Choose something you have the passion for. It seems to be obvious, but it’s not.
Sometimes people are tempt by the trend of the moment, but it’s better not to open a food-blog if you’re not able to cook.
Think about your job and hobbies. Maybe you like pets and you’re studying veterinary medicine… you can open a blog with advices on how to grow up your pets, or you can issue a map of the pubs, restaurants and hotels that accept pets.
Do you practice any sport? Write about it.

Advice nr. 2. Choose the Name (URL).

No hurry. Probably you’ll think a lot of names, but they will be already registered.
A good choice is to register a domain, …).
It seems a banal choice, but it’s not. You’ll connect your name to your activity.
Avoid too long names or names too difficult to remember.
Pay attention not to choose a domain too similar to an already existing blog.


Advice nr. 3. Choose your Platform and Theme.

You have chosen the topic of your blog and registered your domain.
The next step is to choose the platform. Best ones are WordPress and Blogging, both free and simple to use.
After installation, you have to choose the theme. It means, the aspect of your blog.
Wordpress and Blogging both have some free themes; otherwise you can buy a more structured theme upon payment.
Check all the previews and functionalities. Pay attention also at the availability of the mobile version.

Advice nr.  4. Plug-in installation.

In order to work properly, your blog will need some useful plug-in.
In my opinion, some of them are mandatory, such as the ones for the SEO, the subtitles, the form for comments and for the contacts.
Moreover, the ones for the follow of your Social Networks, for sharing the posts, for the research of free images.
While working on your blog, you’ll realize which plug-in you’ll need.

Advice nr.  5. Choose the most suitable Social Network.

Social Networks are very useful to increase the visits on your blog.
You don’t need to create a profile on each Social Network. Just analyze which is/are the most appropriate to your blog.
If you have a beauty-blog and you would like to realize some tutorials, it will be a good choice to have a channel on YouTube. On the other hand, if you simply take pictures to review a product, you can opt for Instagram and/or Facebook.
If you’re a photographer, open a Flickr account, while Tumblr can be unnecessary.

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