5 advices to have a good LinkedIN profile How to have an attractive LinkedIN page

Social Networks are integral part of our common life, also for job.
The main and most important professional social is surely LinkedIN.

On LinkedIN you can find many companies that have a dedicated profile on which they say who they are and who they are looking for.

Some time ago, you couldn’t know anything about a person before meeting him/her at the job interview. Today it’s different. Just digit the name and surname of the candidate on internet, and you’ll find many information about his hobbies, friends and job position.

That’s why personal online reputation is nowadays very important.
LinkedIN can then be a good chance, but you have to keep your profile updated and professional.

Let’s see how to create a good LinkedIN profile.

Advice nr. 1. Profile picture.
It is your business card. Choose it in base of what you would like to say with that picture.
Remember it has to be a professional photo, so do not use any holiday picture, wedding picture, and so on.
The best choice is to take a simple profile picture where people can clearly see your face and your personality.


Advice nr. 2. Description.
It is the most important part of the profile. It is like a letter of presentation. Write who you are, which are your skills and values, what you do and what you would like to be in the future. Use the language you need for your target. Do not repeat information that can be found in the other fields of the profile.

Advice nr. 3. Competences.
Add your competences and skills by key words. People can confirm them just by a click, or also assign you new competences.

Advice nr. 4. Recommendations.
A colleague, a friend, everyone can write you a recommendation. This is very useful in order to have a more professional and attractive profile. Write recommendation to other people, too. In this way, your profile can be seen by more persons, and maybe one of these can be interested in contacting you for a job.

Advice nr. 5. Have a public profile.
If you open a social profile… it has to be social! If you want to be found for a job, set your profile as public.


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